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New Hobby

Hahaha I come back guys.But now I would not talk about love , I would talk about my new hobby.What hobby that I am talking about is sewing.Actually I had know sewing for a long time ago but I have a habit that make me lazy to sewing.I am not too good in sewing but sew "Batu Seremban" I knowlah.I inherit(mewarisi) my mother talent namelly(iaitu) do not good in sewing.HA HA HA... It's okay I do not know how to sewing so, when I big I could not be a tailor.You all must want to know how to make "Batu Seremban" right?This is the step:

FIRST==>You need to know how to make "Jahitan Sembat"
SECOND==>You need to cut a piece of cloth that the area is between 10cmx2cm.(more bigger more good)
THIRD==>Sew the cloth that you have cut and leave a space to put the rice or green bean
FOURTH==>Put the rice or green bean into the cloth that you have sew
FIVE==>Sew the space left but before that you changed the shape of the batu seremban from rectangle into triangle.


Making this is a little bit hard but if you keep asking your friend on how to make "Batu Seremban"you will did it.


dayana jojo said...

more bigger, more good?? bigger is better okay?? BTW nice post

Nur Farrah Qistina Mazlan said...

Hahaha that's right