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What Is The Effect Of Love?Is It Bad or Good...

Today,for the first time I am writing in english in this blog so,I want to share something with you all.I know that you understand the meaning of the topic above,"What is the effect of love?Is it bad or good".Actually if you ask me what I think of the effect of love,I would answer Bad .But in fact (kenyataan) most of people will say Good.Following the average 65% of people in love will break up and another 35% will happen otherwise (sebaliknya).A lot of reason I can make why people always break up.Some of them are:
  • The couples do not trust each other and always fight
  • The couples do not be honest
  • The couples is a playgirl or a playboy
  • The couples are still too young too love each other
  • The couples do not know the meaning of true love
And they were also many reason we can make for people who sucsess in love.Some of them are:

  • The couples trust and believe each other
  • The couples be honest
  • The couples are faithful to partner (setia pada pasangan)
  • The couples are already big to love each other
  • The couples are serious to being love each other
I know I am still too young to write about love but after I make research in the internet what I write now is the fact.I hope that people who read this will enjoy what I write.See you later guys. Byezz....