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Austin Mahone vs Justin Bieber who will be the best?

Hye guys.Today i wanna share some story that might can open your eyes bigger than you watch justin bieber video.What are you talking about farrah???Yes I know that question will from anyone that read this article.You know who is Austin Mahone?You know who is Justin Bieber?Of course you know who is Justin Bieber the guy that make the girl in the world 'crazy' to him except for me.Who is that(Austin Mahone)?He is actually a 16 year old singer that have launch 2 single which is Say Somethin' n Say You're Just Friend.He has cute eyes n beautiful lips like Angelina Jolie!Huhu...just kidding his lips is cute that's why many girls can be crazy when they say Austin Mahone.Honestly I said his face is more handsome than Justin Bieber(JB).I like him not just from his look buat also his voice.His voice is not like others.It's different truthfully i said.I just know about him about 5 days ago but when first time i hear his song i know that he can be better than JB.Justin Bieber was born in Canada while Austin Mahone was born at San Antonio,Texas.There's something different about Austin Mahone's attitude.When I see his video(behind the scenes) I know that he is a boy that always obey what the producer said the prove is he always say 'yes' when the producer give instruction to do what next.He also a naughty boy because he always trouble his bodyguard,Dave.Pity Dave because he need to be bodyguard to a naughty boy like Austin.Like JB ,Austin also has a name for his fan that is #mahomies.Weird right?For me Austin Mahone is better than JB because of that reason.Before i forgot here is some pitcures of Austin Mahone:

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